General Motors has issued a recall for the 2013 Chevrolet Volt over battery software that could shut the car down while driving.

Specifically, the problem sits in the battery cell balancing after a software update. GM said the improper voltage balancing among individual cells “can result in a low-voltage condition in one or more battery cells.” Should this occur, the 2013 Volt will enter a low-power mode, and if the driver continues to drive the vehicle, the Volt may ultimately lose power altogether.

According to GM’s filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a GM engineer discovered the problem with the software update and found an increased number of problems with Volts after receiving the update. No injuries or crashes have been reported due to the recall.

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GM has also issued service campaigns for the 2017 and 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV, which may also house defective battery cells. However, the Bolt EV has not been recalled over the issue. Instead, GM strongly suggests owners update the car’s software to provide “more warning in the event of a cell low voltage condition.”

Per the recall notice, 3,233 Volts are affected by the bad battery software. GM has not provided a notification schedule for when owners will receive an official timeline. Dealerships will perform a reprogram for the HPCM2 at no cost.