Dec. 13, 2007: Source – Wired

Chevy Volt

General Motors announced the launch of a design studio dedicated solely to the creation of electric vehicles and hybrids. The new center, which is a part of GM’s Advanced Design Studio, will employ 45 designers, sculptors, and engineers whose first and most concentrated focus will be to get the much-anticipated Chevrolet Volt to market. The program, known as the E-Flex Design Studio, is one more indication that GM is committed to the development and production of hybrids and other such eco-friendly vehicles.

"As soon as the project kicked off, I knew we needed a dedicated team focused on the development of the E-Flex-based vehicles and that team needed its own creative space," said Ed Welburn, vice president of global design. "To accelerate the program, we needed the right mix of designers and engineers from the original car-show team and people with experience from the production side."

The look of the Chevrolet Volt—the future flagship for GM’s green campaign—will certainly change from the current prototype shown at car shows and in advertising campaigns. That design, while sleek and futuristic, does not have good aerodynamics. Improving the Volt’s aerodynamics—an essential strategy for maximizing fuel efficiency—could be a top priority for the new design team. The E-Flex Design Studio’s work on the Volt will ideally be utilized across other GM products, as the company expands its pursuit of greener motoring.


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