GM’s CEO Mary Barra shed some light on the company’s plans for electric vehicle sales and profit.

The plan calls for more new EVs soon, a new platform to cut costs later, and to generate a profit by 2026.

“We are working to provide desirable, obtainable and profitable vehicles that deliver a range of over 300 miles,” Barra said last week at the Barclays 2017 Global Automotive Conference in New York.

The plan starts with four new EVs by 2020. At least two of those are expected to be crossovers, and they’re going to use existing GM platforms. Likely the Bolt EV’s.

In 2021, a new EV platform is scheduled to arrive. That’s the one that will boost sales and could lead to an electric profit. Barra said that the new EV platform is modular, and will be used on at least 11 different vehicles across the GM brand range. GM has previously announced that it is expecting to release 20 EVs total by 2023, which¬†means that the new platform could see 16 vehicles.

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Those will include big SUVs, sportier cars, and an autonomous vehicle. The platform will have integrated battery cells to make it more flexible and reduce costs. The expected savings from this platform is 30-percent.

It would have a longer range as well. Barra said that the new platform could see vehicles that exceed 300 miles of range. Part of the total cost savings expects battery costs to drop nearly a third, from the $145 per kilowatt-hour for the Bolt EV to less than $100.

Barra said that GM is also planning to expand connected services like OnStar and add marketplaces for users.

GM will still have to overcome battery production capacity issues, range anxiety, and charging network infrastructure in order to further gain customer acceptance. Barra said that GM is looking at partnerships and investments to add charging stations and has good relationships with battery suppliers.