Chevrolet’s first 200-mile range EV, the 2017 Bolt, is due later this year, and GM chief Mary Barra says this is a portent of more electrification to come.

In a half-hour video interview with WIRED Executive Editor Scott Dadich, Barra outlines her view.

The interview is good enough that General Motors posted it to its YouTube page, indicating it is representative of the company’s position.

Chevrolet to date has not announced EPA certification for the $37,500 Bolt, nor has it opened up orders.

It was developed in response to Tesla’s planned Model 3, and meets it in price and range, if not speed and as a hatchback, it is certainly a different design.

Done at the 2016 WIRED Business Conference, the video essentially speaks for itself. Without further adieu, here it is: