Speaking to a group of former Buick employees, GM’s North America global product and supply chain executive vice president, Mark Reuss, said the pending generation 2 Volt will see “fuel economy and efficiency” increase.

The report from yesterday of Reuss’ snippet of info did not hint how many miles electric range the new car would deliver. According to GM Authority, which gave the Reuss report, the new Volt will receive a 1.0-liter three-cylinder generator to replece the 1.4-liter four.

Not stated was whether Reuss himself said the 1.0-liter genset is a certainty. That news of a downsized genset followed Reuss’ brief economy/efficiency statement in away one could infer Reuss said it. But the news report did not specifically attribute the statement to Reuss.

Scant official vehicle spec information has been divulged by GM, except that the Volt exists, it will be shown January in Detroit, and it will improve on the Volt first launched for model year 2011.

Reports have gone out based on insiders speaking off the record, or snippets of hints given by industry people, including GM’s former CEO Dan Akerson.

Teaser image for the new Volt to be revealed in Detroit January 2015.

Teaser image for the new Volt to be revealed in Detroit January 2015.

Akerson has said range could be up to 50-60 miles as he ws generally saying the next Volt needs to seriously out-do the present Volt. Already the Volt with 38 miles official EPA-rated EV range offers the highest among U.S. plug-in hybrids.

It’s believed also the Volt may receive a rear seat compatible with three abreast, for a five-person capacity instead of today’s four-seat configuration.

The Volt received a 17.1-kwh battery pack. This over long T-shaped assembly occupies the center tunnel area for now, so if GM does actually make a five seater, unknown is how the battery might be shaped, or if it would be an improved chemistry.

The new Volt is also being reported as a 2016, but GM’s Randy Fox specifically told HybridCars.com GM is not even saying when the new car wil come out, only that it will.

It’s very possible more news leaks will leak. Given GM did not EPA certify the new 17.1-kwh pack put in this year, it appears that expense was bypassed because as the 2015 model year may be the last for the original Volt.

GM Authority