Driveline development company GKN will present new carbon-saving systems and technologies at the UK’s Low Carbon Vehicle event September 10 and 11.

Smaller, more powerful GKN EVO drives for pure electric and extended range electric vehicles will be on display, said GKN, alongside the company’s new Gyrodrive flywheel hybrid system for buses.

“Electric drive technologies and hybrid systems by GKN already power some of the most advanced vehicles on the planet: Le Mans-winning hybrid racecars; plug-in hybrid family vehicles and supercars; and now even London buses,” said said Paul Wyatt, Managing Director of GKN Hybrid Power. “These latest innovations will make the low-carbon option even more competitive.”

Highlights of GKN’s stand at the event are said to include a flywheel hybrid system for buses, a new electric drive system for cars and delivery vehicles and a range extender engine for electric vehicles.

The Gyrodrive flywheel hybrid system, which GKN said can be fitted as new or retro fitted to bus fleets, improves fuel economy by around 20 percent at a much lower cost than battery hybrid alternatives, stated the company.

GKN explained Gyrodrive uses a high-speed flywheel made of carbon fiber to store the energy generated by a bus as it brakes. It then uses the stored energy to power an electric motor, which helps accelerate the bus back up to speed.

Having proven its reliability in three years of endurance racing with Audi and extensive trials with London buses, Gyrodrive is designed to last for the life of the bus eliminating the need for any battery changes, added GKN.

Also, the latest GKN EVO electric drive system for passenger cars and delivery vehicles will be shown. GKN stated the prototype system integrates a GKN EVO axial flux electric motor with a single speed transmission, already proven in series production. The use of new axial flux motor technology achieves much higher torque and power density in a smaller, lighter package, said GKN.

A highly integrated GKN EVO electric motor which makes range extender engines for electric vehicles smaller, lighter and more efficient is also part of the technology shown by GKN. By integrating GKN EVO’s innovative axial flux technology directly onto the crankshaft of a downsized engine, the compact electric motor works as a highly efficient generator, explained GKN.