Imagine buying a brand new car from a vending machine.

The idea actually isn’t that foreign for Autobahn Motors, which opened a 15-story showroom in Singapore last year. It’s known as the “world’s largest luxury car vending machine,” and shoppers on the ground floor can view cars from a touchscreen display. Autobahn’s vending machine has 60 slots for vehicles and a car can arrive within two minutes through an advanced system that retrieves the car.

Now, China’s Alibaba wants to do the same by launching its own car vending machine. The e-commerce giant will also use a vertical display tower, but shoppers will browse the cars through a smartphone app and press the buy button based on what they want. The idea is to make buying a new car “as easy as buying a can of Coke.”

The company will incorporate the vending machines into an online system that pulls financing and credit data for a buyer. If the credit rating is high enough, payment information will be shown and a small deposit can be placed. The buyer can then drive off in their brand new car, dispensed from a vending machine.

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