A German agency has warned Tesla owners to pay constant attention while using the Autopilot system when driving.

Germany’s Federal Motor Authority sent out a letter to Tesla owners stating that Autopilot is only a driver assistance system, said Automotive News. Their Tesla is not a highly-automated vehicle that can moving forward without the driver’s constant attention.

The letter also cited German traffic rules – that the drivers is required to remain alert and in control of the vehicle when using the system.

The Autopilot system has been under intense scrutiny since a May 7 fatality of a Tesla Model S driver using the technology was reported on June 30.

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Germany’s Transport Ministry is conducting studies on Tesla’s Model S electric car using the Autopilot function. An internal report seen by Der Spiegel called the function a “considerable traffic hazard,” according to Automotive News.

Autopilot was introduced a year ago to assist drivers in lane changing, steering, and parking. Tesla continues to emphasize that the company has always made it clear that Autopilot is a driver assistance system that requires the driver to pay attention at all times.

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