German tuning companies are known the world over for their crazy interpretations of supercars and sportscars, but Novitec recently tried its hand at tuning something for the Tesla Model X.

Novitec’s tuning program for Tesla’s crossover consists of a carbon fiber front lip spoiler, a carbon rear diffuser and the choice of two different carbon fiber rear spoilers. The diffuser and the rear spoiler were aerodynamically optimized in Novitec’s wind tunnel and actually work to make additional rear downforce. You know, just in case your electric crossover felt a bit too loose through the sweepers during your last track day.

Novitec’s Model X is also riding on a set of 22-inch Vossen wheels, and while they do look better than the stock wheels, they too aren’t just for cosmetics. The wheels are individually made for each side of the car to keep the direction of the spokes going the right way, which fans the brakes while the car is in motion to cool them down. Oh yeah, the brakes are new lightweight carbon ceramic units with six-piston calipers out front and four-piston units in the back.

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The Model X’s electric powertrain has been left untouched, but if you opt for the 760 horsepower Model X P100D, you really don’t need any additional performance. Novitec will upgrade the Model X’s interior, however, with the company saying just about any modifications a customer can think of are possible.

Novitec didn’t provide pricing details for any of the components listed above, but if you’re itching for a carbon diffuser or spoiler for your Model X, we’re sure they’d be happy to give you some more info.

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