Legislators in Georgia are working on a new law that will give Tesla Motors the ability to sell more cars within the state.

Tesla sales are currently legal in Georgia, but the law restricts any carmaker from selling more than 150 zero emission vehicles directly to customers. According to the Georgia Automotive Dealers Association (GADA), Tesla reached that number in less than nine months last year.

If the new bill becomes law, Tesla will be able to sell an unlimited number of electric vehicles in Georgia. Rep. Chuck Martin sponsored the bill, collaborating with Tesla and GADA to reach the compromise.

“I’m happy they got together and got the operative portion [of the bill] where they wanted to be,” said Martin. “It means [Georgians] won’t have to jump through hoops to get the product they want.”

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The sales limit in Georgia is not the same ongoing issue that Tesla is battling in other areas. Michigan, New Jersey and five other states have completely banned auto manufacturers from selling directly to consumers. New vehicles may only be sold through a licensed dealership in these states.

Georgia is not the only region considering opening up Tesla sales. State legislators are working on similar bills in Connecticut, Texas and Arizona.


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