Geek Squad is switching its “Geekmobile” over to the Toyota Prius c hybrid from the Volkswagen Beetle.

While Best Buy’s tech support arm has been using the Beetle as its Geekmobile since 2004, it says switching over to the Prius c is part of refreshing its brand image.

The company is bringing in more than 1,000 of Toyota’s least expensive dedicated hybrids branded with a new logo. This new logo reflects how its main mission has evolved since it was founded in Minneapolis 22 years ago and then acquired and taken national by Best Buy 14 years ago, Geek Squad says.

Geek Squad’s Chief Inspector Nate Bauer says that it has nothing to do with VW’s emission scandal. It has more to do with repositioning the company as a tech expert on all of their customer’s technology needs.

Years ago, Geek Squad was called out for Geekmobile site visits for “break-fix” jobs repairing computers. These days, the company’s 21,000 service agents are more likely to deliver and install home theaters and appliances or help with connected cars, home networks, and other Internet of Things tasks, Bauer says.

Another benefit for Geek Squad is that it marries sustainability with technology, Bauer said. Over the life of the vehicle, the Prius c is expected to produce about half the emissions of the previous Beetle Geekmobile.

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The Geekmobile will continue to be Geek Squad’s number one marketing channel. “It’s always been about geek-chic and us being cool but still knowing our stuff,” Bauer said.

As part of its new marketing campaign, Denver Bronco Von Miller, the Super Bowl MVP  and “Dancing With The Stars” cast member, is going to serve as agent during the first house call in the new vehicle. You can also watch this promotional video on YouTube for the changeover to the Prius C.

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