The average gas price in the U.S. has dropped below $2.00 for the first time since March 25, 2009.

According to AAA’s survey of gasoline prices in the U.S., the average price is $1.998 per gallon and more than two-thirds of the gas stations in the country are selling gas under $2 per gallon. Drivers can find at least one gas station selling gas for less than that price in 47 states with the most common price nationwide set at $1.899 per gallon. Compared to less than a year ago, the national average price of gas has dropped 41 cents.

AAA also estimates that Americans have collectively saved more than $115 billion on gasoline so far this year thanks to cheaper prices.

Prices have dropped mainly because there is more than enough oil and gasoline supplies around the world to meet current demand. Gas prices also typically fall through early winter, since people drive less and use less fuel during this time of the year.

The lowest one percent of U.S. gas stations are selling at an average of $1.59 per gallon and more than 13,000 stations are selling under $1.75 per gallon. Missouri has the cheapest average at $1.77 while Oklahoma and South Carolina aren’t far behind at $1.78.

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