Volkswagen has said that the next Camper could indeed be battery powered.

During the New York auto show, Chairman of the Board Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser told AutoExpress that for the Camper to continue with the traditional 1950s design, VW must place the electric motor and batteries under the floor of the vehicle.

“If we want to do this on an attractive cost base, we are not able to put a rear engine into such a car,” he said.

Neusser also said that while Volkswagen isn’t ready to finalize anything yet in regards to this project, it has engineers working around the clock in attempts to complete it.

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In terms of design, keeping the traditional boxy design and D-Pillar for the next-generation Camper is something Volkswagen is trying to preserve.

With this the company hopes to maintain the compact body, making the vehicle effortless to drive.

“If you look at genetic things of the Bulli concept you have the need for a very small overhang. From the A-pillar, the space you have is very, very limited.”

Thus why it’s necessary to remove the gas- or diesel-powered engine all together in place for electricity and batteries, allowing VW to push the cabin farther forward similar to the original.

As far as a timeline Volkswagen has yet to release one for the electric Camper, according to AutoExpress, if VW is planning on using the MQB platform we could possibly see the Camper popping back up in around two to five years.