Last month Ford may have cut back the EPA rating of some of its cars including the plug-in Fusion Energi, but that did not hurt its sales one iota as the car trounced its previous best monthly sales with 1,939 units sold.

By contrast, the Chevrolet Volt sold 1,777 units in June, and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid sold 1,571. Among all plug-in hybrids and pure EVs, the Fusion Energi was second-best selling in June, following the Nissan Leaf with 2,347.

For Ford, this is a sizable jump from the Fusion Energi’s previous best the month – set one month prior in May at 1,342 sold – and is only the third time it has sold more than 1,000 units since its March 2013 launch.

Is this the beginning of a trend for the Fusion plug-in? And is this the beginning of dominance by Ford?

Combined sales of Ford’s Fusion Energi, added to its C-Max Energi (988 units) and its Focus Electric (197 units) placed it as the top-selling plug-in car maker for June with 3,124 units sold. Time will tell.

As for the heavy hitter of this trio, Ford’s Aaron Miller said the Fusion Energis were sold without special public promotions or on-the-hood incentives to consumers.

Miller noted March, May, and June 2014 were “three of our four best sales months for Fusion Energi ever.”

“We continue to track the ‘why,’ but the consumers are demanding it more,” said Miller.

C -Max Energi.

C -Max Energi.

Ford’s plug-in hybrid is styled like a normal Fusion, and many consider it quite handsome at that. It seats five, does sacrifice trunk room with the larger lithium-ion battery pack, and electric range is stated at 19 miles.

And as mentioned, the one sibling to the Fusion Energi – the C-Max Energi which also had its EPA mpg numbers clipped – shares its powertrain in a hatchback body and did respectably as well, selling 988 units.

This was its second best month since selling 1,092 in October 2013 and that was the only time the C-Max sold over 1,000.