The Federal Trade Commission has made an assertive move with both Volkswagen dealers and owners of TDI diesel models affecting by a recall and buyback settlement.

To the dealers, the FTC said not to mislead owners about the buyback terms in the diesel car recall while it has warns VW owners to watch out for misinformation.

Speaking to the dealers, the FTC is warning there’s false information out there targeted at the more than 450,000 owners of 2009-2015 model VW and Audi TDI diesel vehicles. The agency warns that it’s unwise for independent dealers and VW franchised dealers to make separate offers outside the recall program that falsely implies these separate offers are part of the pending $10 million settlement.

The FTC notice to dealers also warns against some dealers telling VW owners that they have to spend compensation on a new VW or Audi. There’s also concern over manipulative advertising methods, referred to as “Act now!” tactics, that could lock VW owners into outside deals before they understand accurate details on the recall settlement.

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The alert by the FTC aimed at VW owners in turn informs them of their rights under the proposed settlement. As outlined in a letter on its website, it warns owners to watch out for third parties who may offer to take the recalled cars off their hands faster than the pace of the court process and buyback offers will allow.

The FTC information piece also reminds VW owners they have the option of keeping their diesel cars, having them modified, and still receiving a cash payment through the settlement program.

The agency advises VW owners to get accurate information on the settlement and buyback terms from the official website,

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