Europe is being offered a special Blue Star version of mia’s urban utility vehicle.

French electric vehicle manufacturer mia electric launched a special edition of its small utility vehicle “mia K.” The Blue Star sports a two-tone design edition and includes extras like roof rack bars, the company’s comfort pack, a multimedia radio, a PVC floor protection mat and a dark tinted tailgate.

The comfort pack mentioned includes power-saving auxiliary heating, two 12-volt power sockets, storage nets and trays; as well as the company’s “follow me home” system.

The Blue Star’s production run is limited to 100 units and is available with an 8 kilowatt-hour battery offering an autonomy of 80 kilometers (49.7 miles); or a 12 kilowatt-hour battery offering an autonomy of 120 kilometers (74.6 miles).

All mia vehicles are powered by an asynchronous electric motor rated at 18 kilowatts (24 horsepower)

The Blue Star is based on the light commercial member of the mia range. The company says on its Web site that this is the ideal urban transporter with 1,500 liters (53 cubic foot) of cargo volume; the company also states that like the mia L it is based on, the Blue Star is 3.19 meter (10.5 feet) long and its tight turning circle gives it a clear edge in those narrow city streets.

The mia Blue Star comes standard with a centrally positioned drivers seat. An additional seat can also be added to make the mia U a two-seater.