Various authorities in New York have ruled that offering free electric car charging on public property violates the state’s constitution.

In a report by John Voelcker published by Fox News, a caveat in the law being cited is that municipalities shall not “give or loan any money or property to or in aid of any individual, corporation or association, or private undertaking.”

The writer also ironically noted that a question remains whether city governments providing free parking is also deemed against the New York state constitution.

But City Attorney Robert J. Slye of the city of Watertown New York was not delving into that question, but is the one who cited the strict reading of the law to prohibit plug-in cars from getting paid-for charging on New York municipal government property.

So did, for that matter the New York State comptroller to City Hall in Ogdensburg, and the same is true the city of Rochester, and West Chester County.

What is an EV-driving person wanting to park at New York municipal property to do?

It would appear the private sector will take up the slack and may even fork over some of the profit to the municipalities.

Companies like ChargePoint, Blink, and others are poised to provide charging stations for a fee.

Also, home plug-in car chargers do still serve as plug-in car drivers’ primary charge point. Thus New Yorkers paying the price to drive vehicles that other U.S. and state government bodies have deemed worthy of subsidies will have this mainstay and other infrastructure in time.

Fox News