Rimac Automobili, maker of the Concept_One hyper electric car has announced free downloads of the Playstation 4 game DRIVECLUB.

The download is now available through the PlayStation Store, says Rimac, and is a joint offering by it and Sony Computer Entertainment and Evolution Studios of the car racing game launched at the end of last year.

If a seven-figure, exceedingly limited-production hyper is something you don’t expect to ever personally drive, the game does an as-good-as-possible simulation for the torque-vectoring, AWD, 1,088 horsepower, 1,600 pound-feet EV.

Beyond the Rimac car, the game developed by Sony’s Evolution Studios focuses on road racing between other hyper, sport and racing cars.


Tracks and environments are inspired by real places from around the world and to make things realistic they feature dynamic weather such as rain, snow, and a day-night cycle that players can control.

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“In Rimac Automobili, we just love cars and racing, and we are also big fans of racing video games,” said founder and CEO Mate Rimac. “I grew up with them, developing love and passion for cars. It will be a great honor if we will influence childhoods in the similar way and fascinate many people with the capabilities the new technology offers through DRIVECLUB.”


The game also has a multiplayer mode to connect with other real-life players from around the world.

“With 90 cars already available in game, players have a wide variety of tracks in various configurations to use,” says Rimac Automobili. “With fabulous high definition graphics and amazing attention to details, DRIVECLUB is one of the best racing video games on the market today.”