Londoners may see free or discounted parking in the city in the near future.

A London Assembly Environment Committee report sheds light on the lack of Londoners owning their own garage or driveways as a critical incentive for them to purchase electric vehicles, recommending that Transport for London, the city’s transportation authority, provide free or discounted parking as an incentive.

In addition, the report calls for increased funding using public money, cited as a need due to a lack of reliability with the speed of private sector investment. Ensuring a strategic distribution of electric charging points throughout the city, as opposed to increasing the number of charging points, was also suggested.

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“Encouraging Londoners without their own driveway or garage to get an electric vehicle is the biggest challenge for take-up, as concerns about charging points are deep-rooted,” read a portion of the report.

Other figures cited in the London Assembly Environment Committee report include rationale or survey results describing the perception of battery range as a concern for consumers, a recommended trial for 25-electric delivery vans, and the rate of EV registration growth in the region.

“The time is ripe for London to take charge if we want to future proof this city for an electric car revolution,” said former Environment Committee chair, Leonie Cooper. “The mayor has a key role to play in spearheading the shift to electric vehicles, preferably not individually owned but shared via car clubs.”

To read the entire London Assembly Environment Committee report, click here.