The Canadian coffee chain, Tim Horton’s, is home to the legendary “double-double” (local slang for two creams, two sugars in a coffee), and has announced its parking lots will be hosting a pilot project to install EV charging stations to charge its customers cars while they are getting recharged with caffeine inside.

Sounds like a new take on a double-double, and a good idea at any rate.

The Tim Horton’s location in the western suburb of Toronto, Oakville, is the first to get a charging station installed.

Oakville is home to Ford’s Canadian headquarters, so no surprise that the C-MAX was photographed getting recharged there.

Negotiations are already underway to expand the program, said Tim Horton’s, and the program will provide no-cost facilities to EV and plug-in hybrid drivers.

Given the cold during Canadian winters, and reduced range from EVs – as Tesla is also defending itself following an American East Coast debacle – the chargers at Tim Horton’s can only help with dreaded range anxiety for Canadian plug-in car owners on the go.