The Hybrid Shop (THS), an internationally growing network of highly trained hybrid vehicle service centers, announces today that Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. (Monro) will incorporate THS services in four of its Washington, DC metro Monro locations.

THS describes itself as an internationally growing network of highly trained hybrid vehicle service centers and said it is the first and only enterprise of its kind; a partnering of automotive experts, who are pioneers in developing and delivering a scientifically-proven method of hybrid Battery Pack Conditioning, designed to restore hybrid batteries to up to 95 percent of their original power and energy.

THS explained that unlike battery replacement, its Battery Pack Conditioning process is an environmentally friendly alternative in which no new resources are needed to build a new battery and nothing enters the waste stream. Additionally, THS said its Battery Pack Conditioning service enhances the longevity and performance of the vehicle while providing significant increased fuel economy.

Through THS’ services, Monro now offers hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) care and services, that give HEV owners an alternative, the option of restoring power and energy to their existing hybrid battery, offering, per THS, extended vehicle life and green sustainability, versus the costly option of replacing the battery. Real advantages and savings that customers can expect include (as listed and put forward by THS):

  • Cost-savings – Battery Pack Conditioning is approximately 1/3 of the cost of battery replacement;
  • Enhanced fuel economy – Between 10-35 percent fuel economy improvement depending on the initial State of Health (SOH) of the battery;
  • Enhanced vehicle performance – every HEV serviced will perform more efficiently, cost less to operate and have improved drivability; and
  • Immediate gratification – customers experience improved performance and fuel economy following completion of the THS service at Monro.

“We’re very excited to include The Hybrid Shop services in our Washington, DC locations,” states Joe Tomarchio, Monro’s Executive Vice President-Store Operations. “We are pleased to offer our environmentally conscious hybrid owners services that enhance the longevity and performance of their vehicles, and provide significant cost-savings.”

Monro said a comprehensive menu of services is now available to ensure hybrid owners receive the highest quality of one-stop-shopping for repair and maintenance for their hybrid vehicle. Services include: Battery Pack Conditioning/Rebuilding, and testing of electric transmissions, power inverter and control systems, DC-DC converters and hybrid specific maintenance.

Additionally, to avoid unnecessary work, Monro said it will now offer its HEV customers an optional State of Health (SOH) program that assesses the vehicle’s bigger picture, which is conducted prior to Battery Pack Conditioning.

Describing the SOH as being like a crystal ball for hybrids, THS said the SOH program has unique predictive analysis that determines how various aspects and parts of the car are performing.

“We are excited that Monro is on board with our unique vision of technically-validated hybrid vehicle care and that THS services will be available to customers at four of its locations, here in the DC metro region,” Matt Curry, CEO of The Hybrid Shop states. “This partnership will allow us to extend our service offerings and the value we bring to hybrid customers across the DC area, provide them with a green alternative, and allow them to experience the highest performance and efficiency from their vehicles and existing batteries.”