// AAA roadside service and hybrids
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    AAA roadside service and hybrids

    I found out the hard way recently that AAA in my area provides very limited roadside assistance for hybrids. When my 12V battery was dead, I called AAA and they said they could not jump start me and would only tow me. This is their policy.

    I was on my way after reading the manual and calling my local Toyota dealer who gave me some free guidance and then jumpstarting (from my other hybrid ). No thanks to AAA.

    I have not been able to find information about this restriction on the AAA website. I'm now trying out Better World Club to see what their service is like.

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    I got a jump from AAA when I left the lights on and ran down the 12v battery on our HCH. There is no reason they shouldn't be able to give you a jump.

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