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Thread: Lower MPG

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    Lower MPG

    I just had my 5000 mile maintenance and have noticed significantly lower MPG in the city. Has anyone else had a similar

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    Yes, I noticed I went from

    Yes, I noticed I went from around 34/36 mpg to around 31/32 after my first maintance. This is also my first summer in Tampa, Florida, but not sure what caused the drop.

    My driving habits have not changed that much.

    Was there an issue with MPG and over-filling the Oil?

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    .My mileage went for at

    .My mileage went for at LEAST 36 mpg to about 31mpg...I think it was about the time of the 30,000 maintenance...about 3-4 months ago. I've been looking the web to see if anyone else is mentioning it, but I've only seen these messages so far!

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