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    It sounds like your brake

    It sounds like your brake calibration program is resetting. I suspect you have a grounding problem and your PCM looses its stored brake pedal calibration. I saw the Ford dealership hybrid tech almost drive my '05 FEH into a wall in the shop when he put it in drive. He had reprogrammed my PCM and forgot to do a brake pedal calibration before putting it in gear. I was on the passenger side when this happen and he was going to take me for a test drive. When he pushed the brake pedal down it went to the floor but he did get it stopped in time. When the PCM has reset, your required to start the vehicle and while in Park press down on the brake pedal to the full brake position so the PCM can calibrate the brake by wire pedal travel. The next time you press on the brake pedal, travel should be normal and calibrated. If your somehow loosing the calibration and the tech presses on the brake when it gets to the shop the brake travel calibration is normal and there will not be any codes. He also did a reprogram of the ABS that also could have caused a recalibration to be done.

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    I have a 2008 FEH and the

    I have a 2008 FEH and the ABS brakes seem to fail whenever I hit 65+ mph. This seems to be a continual problem but does not occur under that speed (at least in general). I believe that a recall effort might be the next step as failure of these systems. It appears from what I can find that a damaged exciter ring is the culprit

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    We have the FEH 2006 which

    We have the FEH 2006 which was late in the year model when we got it. We have had very little problem with our car but the Oil light after leaving a qualified FORD Dealership often does not get reset so I sometimes call them to let them know about it.
    And try to reset it on my own or bring it back there and do it for me as it was supposed to be done after the oil change. In terms of braking we learned about hybrid cars when stopping at stop light the gas engine and hybrid electrical engine do things differently so when stopping and restarting there is a slight delay going and when Stopping the power is still runing in the system so IF you took your foot OFF the Brake the car could lurch forward. The first time it happened it was unsettling. But they told it was normal for Hybrids to do that due to the two engine systems and latent energy which is used by the system when you start going again. So the Brakes are real important to keep this latent energry from expressing itself by lurching forward! It stores it on purpose. So I sure hope TOYOTA and FORD wihch shared this techology come up with a reasonable study and solution for proper diagnosis and prevention of brake Failures and these cars need more than others when STOPPED those brakes to be continually applied when stopped at a light! Regular cars you dont have to on flat level terrain keep the foot on the brake when there is not gas running the car but must not take your foot off the brake of a hybrid car because if you DO it willl start going FORWARD. So I sure hope they figure out the root cause of these possible brake problems. And FORD will shine then as a company that cares about their reputation and good and much improved ranking and cars too and outshine TOYOTA the supposed leader. The Leader in what? Brake issues? Gas Pedal friction? Corporate greed and documentation that TOYOTA Corporatoin told it US counterparts there were some problems but lets not deal with them not exactly the words but the gist. In other words shovel some of the key issues under the rug. Now the dust bunnies are appearing. I like my FORD Hybrid very much and feel it has be way more a reliable car than our TOYOTAL SIENNA which we also like a lot too. AND to boot our TOYOTA SIENNA has the same car frame built upon the Camry Body so if that is so they should put in writing why the Sienna would not need this recall too. And with so many new cars including HYBRID Technology they OWE to use to make sure the HYBRID CARS dont have these problems in OTHER models too that used TOYOTA's technology and charged about 9,000 over sticket for the Hybrid sticker and batteries.

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    Hi FEHEX All automatic

    Hi FEHEX

    All automatic transmissions move the vehicle while in gear so the brake pedal must be applied at a stop. The eCVT in our FEH is also an automatic transmission so Ford designed the computer programming to act like the regular automatic while in gear. Ford has a patent for this and it's called the "CREEP MODE". It does not matter if the engine is running or if your in EV at a stop, the FEH will move forward or backwards at a stop if you take your foot off the brake pedal. If you want to stay stopped without the FEH moving in gear, just shift to Neutral or Park.

    Yes, Toyota has big problems right now. Yesterday I drove passed a Toyota dealership and there was a long line of cars waiting at the Service Department. I bet the Sales Staff will need to get certified as a Tech to stay working this year. The dealership owner was on the News saying he would send Techs out to loyal Toyota owners homes and work to do certain repairs it's so bad. The car rental business should start booming for those who don't rent Toyota cars.

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    We are on our 3rd try with

    We are on our 3rd try with an '06 Mariner Hybrid. Always happens when wife is driving. I am not certain if pedal goes all the way to the floor or just loses the boost. Either way, it's a panic situation. We love the car otherwise, but this is starting to feel like a fatal blow.

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    Both of the Escape Hybrids

    Both of the Escape Hybrids we had at our company had complete brake failures. After the vehicles were turned off and back on, the brakes worked fine. The vehicles were returned and we now have standard Escapes. I have no idea why the hybrids have not been recalled. Ford is facing the same bad mojo that Toyota is not experiencing.

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    I got a brake failure on my

    I got a brake failure on my 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid with 72000 KM on it. The ABS light and park light came on. There was a squeaking sound everytime I step on the brake. I took it the Dealer and they diagnose it for $105 and they said the brake pad needs replacing (still has a good 40%) pads left. I had them replaced it anyway but the problem is still there. They diagnose it for another 2 days and said that they are going to change the hydraulic brake for $3900. This is ridiculous.

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    Cesar, have the same

    Cesar, have the same problem on my '06 escape hybrid, I found TSB 06-22-1 which adresses this problem.

    Some 2005-2006 Escape Hybrid and 2006 Mariner Hybrid vehicles built from 8/2/2004 to 3/30/2006 may exhibit an amber ABS light with a red brake light and an accompanying diagnostic trouble code (DTC) C1475. When this code is set the hydraulic pump motor will run any time the brakes are applied, so brake assist is maintained. Some customers may report an audible noise from the pump motor when brakes are applied.

    Use the following Service Procedure to retrieve subfault data to determine if the hydraulic control unit (HCU) needs to be replaced, or if the HCU can be reprogrammed instead. If the HCU is reprogrammed, it will also be necessary to add grease to the high pressure accumulator (HPA) connector terminals.

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    On Memorial Day I got the

    On Memorial Day I got the same issue (ABS yellow light, red brake light, and brake text message) as the brakes failed while driving. Had it towed to my mechanic. No code came up. He did my 90k service and said after completely inspecting the brakes there was no problem. A week later I drove it with the wife and new baby this time and the same thing happened. Our mechanic this time said it was a code for bleeding the brake fluid, and that needs a special tool from Ford, but that still does not sound like it will fix the issue as it is the same with everyone else here.

    Sent an e-mail to Ford and received a corporate type reply to take it to you dealer to get diagnosed and pay for it, which I have no intention of contstantly paying more money for something that cannot be fixe.

    Here will be getting a new non-Hybrid non-Ford this weekend.

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    I just had my brakes fail on

    I just had my brakes fail on a curved hill. I was able to downshift and slow to a point that I jammed it into park as I approached the intersection with a main road. I was 1/2 mile from my house on all level ground and made it through a stop light and 2 stop signs. As I began pulling into my driveway, the brakes failed again and I had to use my other car as a stop assist. (i.e. I rear-ended my own car.)

    I have it at a mechanic right now and he pulled some codes, but nothing that refers to a 2007 Escape HEV. These codes even have multiple fixes to "try".

    He said it could be a sensor all the way to the master cylinder replacement.

    I am not pleased. I thought Chryslers had parts go bad quickly at 70,000 miles. 50K is rediculous for a brake system to fail.

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