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    What I see the best here is

    What I see the best here is the spotlight pointed on the greatest weakness of the capitalistic model, that of greed. A company that is only concerned with profit will rarely offer you a better product if you keep purchasing the product they are selling to you. Why should they?
    This type of understand only comes when forced by informed legislation of local governments.

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    When the automakers are able

    When the automakers are able to present a more efficient model to the general public, that far exceeds their small "trickle" improvements, they will have people clamoring to buy it, pure and simple.

    There are a lot of new innovations happening everyday. They need to look at all the new breakthroughs happening and not get stuck with the old ideas (NIH-Not invented Here).

    If anyone doubts the veracity and tenacity of individuals and companies to innovate, they should go check out the X-Prize for 100 MPG cars (2 classes - Main Stream and alternative). Over a hundred companies had signed up last I checked, and with non-refundable $5000 deposits on the line, you're not going to get a bunch of nuts.


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    Good Article. Just read

    Good Article. Just read that GM made a record profit in European Auto Sales. Here they are consolidating, cutting production and decreasing models available for sale. The political machine has capitalized on the slumping auto industry sales and loose of jobs. It is indeed interesting how GM can be doing so well at its business of manufacturing and selling automobiles in Europe, while they can't make a go of it here in USA. Euorpe gets 55-65 MPG cars at a record pace, while the same company in US is floundering... they have yet to offer a single diesel auto, but are trying to ram a Volt down our thoat. The fact is, there are no small diesel powered cars available in USA while Euorpe and other countries, they are abundant. So what is really going on with GM?? There must be some restriction preventing GM and others from offering their diesel and fuel efficient models in US. Who or what is manipulating such control? Government? EPA? Oil Companies? Politicians? People in dark places? The best these car makes can offer us in USA is 35 MPG - pathetic. We just get to read about European 7 pasenger cars getting 50+MPG, but cannot purchase a single one.

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