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    Hybrid Roadster

    I'm very new to looking at Hybrid cars. I recently saw the movie “Who killed the Electric Car” and it got my mind buzzing, I consider myself an environmentalist who doesn't like supporting BIG OIL, and have been interested in alternative forms of energy for a long time, but Im not really doing anything my daily life to support those beliefs. I currently drive a 10 year old BMW Z3 which I love, but its getting a bit old, I'd like my next car to be a hybrid, but I don't want to sacrifice the fun of a small roadster.

    I was reading up about the sacrifice of mpg vrs performance in some of the larger engined hybrids, and there are somethings I just don't understand. If the acceleration of a hybrid is determined by the power of the electric motor vrs the wight of the vehicle, why do you need a large gas motor to get good performance? Isn't the gas motor there just to charge the batteries, so if you have a light engine, one that is capable of keeping the batteries charged while driving 80 mph for a sustained period of time, wouldn't that give you better performance, then a larger engine?

    I think my ideal car would be if Toyota were to take the hybrid technology from the Prius and put it in the Toyota Spider (or something similar I don't think they even making that model anymore) keep the same gas engine and electronics as the Prius but use more powerful electric motors so it can do 0-60 in under 7 seconds, have the suspension of a racing tuned Spider, and most of all have the ability to charge the batteries while its in my garage. Does this seem reasonable? Would the gas mileage be that much less then the Prius, or would it be unable to sustain 80mph on the Freeways with that small gas engine?

    Well I'm not ready for a new car just yet, but maybe in a few years there will be a hybrid roadster with good mpg and I'll have no excuses for not going Green.

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    If you want performance, there is a great option but it is pretty expensive. That is the Tesla Roadster (www.teslamotors.com).
    - It accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds
    - It gets effectively over 130 mpg.
    - The trunk's a bit smaller than your Z3 (more like a Lotus Elise)
    - No gas stations required (charges overnight at home or from standard 110 or 220v outlets)
    - Costs (here's the tough part): $97K (only twice the price of a Z4)

    Now if you truly want to do what's best for the planet, you would continue driving your Z3 until the wheels fall off, thus saving the huge energy costs associated with automobile manufacturing. During these 2 or 3 years, you'd bank the money you'd pay for another Z3 so that you could then have a truly green supercar.

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    WOW that is a very nice car, wish I could afford it but I'm more in the boxter price range not the 911. Reading up about the Tesla Roadster was inspiring, really makes me believe the technology exists today to make Electrical vehicles a viable option, I hope the company succeeds.

    Hopefully in a few years they will be offering a car more in my price range. Until then I'll keep paying more in service fees each year then my car is actually worth, I guess that is a way of being Green.

    PS. you should edit that link to remove the ) at the end which prevents it working

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