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    Stocks of EV & Hybrid Technology Companies

    I recently bought shares in Altair Nanotechnologies (symbol: ALTI). I got in at $3.07 and again today at $3.22. I am not saying that anyone should buy shares of this company. But I would suggest that if you believe that companies with a division or corporate goal of building the EV market, you ought to consider investing in them.

    Altair's AMPS Division
    Long recharge time. Short cycle life. Poor operational safety. No tolerance for extreme temperatures. These are just a few of the issues plaguing current battery technology. At Altairnano, we’ve developed new electrode materials, including a novel nano-structured lithium titanate anode material, to enable environmentally safe batteries.

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    See my post in
    regarding some recent successful test of a large battery pack with AltairNano batteries.
    I don't know whether they're a good company but their technology is looking pretty good from what I'm hearing. Can they make them affordable? Can they go from research into manufacturing? These I don't know.
    Their batteries are going into the Phoenix all electric SUT which I test drove a few months ago. It's pretty slick.
    I hope these AltariNano makes a go at it.

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