// Lexus IS Hybrid?
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    Lexus IS Hybrid?

    Has anyone heard any rumors of Lexus producing an IS hybrid? I'm surprised they haven't already since this could be the most fuel efficient vehicle in their lineup. They could just throw a Camry hybrid engine in it and get decent performance.

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    There has not been a wisper of any hybrid anything from Lexus/Toyota except for the LS600hL. I don't expect to hear anything until after the LS hit's the market. There have been all kinds of rumours flying about in reference to the LF-A being Hybrid, but the only mention of IS is the new IS-F that will be released next year..........

    We can only hope the IS is next in line......... or maybe a Hybrid IS Convertiable!!!!!

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    Super-Fast, yet Ultra-Low

    Super-Fast, yet Ultra-Low Emissions HYBRID GS450h does 0-60 in 5.2seconds, with max horsepower of 340HP! mileage? 25mpg (as opposed to the non-hybrid version that gets about 15mpg)


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