Can anyone explain exactly what the power meter measures? That's the big one on the left - not the battery power level on the right.

The meter goes up to 150 kW and I've read that the total output of the gas/electric motors together is 148 kW. I assume that the meter shows what the combined output is for the system and not just the electric side - correct? The part that gets vague for me is when the meter dips into the blue zone that means the battery pack is charging during braking. Why doesn't the meter show charging when sitting at idle with the engine running such as when first starting in the morning? Is that because there's a net lose when charging the battery from the gas engine? Maybe there's only a positive gain in power during braking - which actually shows up as negative on the meter - in the blue zone below the zero point. Did I just answer my own question?

Nissan says very little about this in the manual and after my cunfusing ramlblings above, I can see why.