// Honda CRV Hybrid anytime soon?
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    Honda CRV Hybrid anytime soon?

    I drove Honda in past, they just make excellent cars. And for a back problem, I have to drive cars with high seats. Anybody know if Honda will make Hybrid version of CRV soon?

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    Honda CRV Hybrid anytime soon?

    I have a '98 Honda CRV, and I'm anxiously awaiting the hybrid version. I found this on Edmunds.com, but who knows if it will happen on schedule? I wish it was sooner.

    "A hybrid version of the vehicle is anticipated for the 2008 model year, before which the CR-V's build location will switch from Japan and England to the U.S."

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    Dr Sir, My wife has har 4

    Dr Sir, My wife has har 4 crvs in bought one in aug 2010,it would be nice to have the engine the accord has in it 4 cycl. plenty of power and great gas miliage. something to think about. some of my friends went to toyota rav 4 for that reason lack of power.the engine runs on the highway 79 mph at 2500 rpm the gas milage is about 26 sometimes less. I like the the crv but i miss the power og my accord thank you for letting us tell you how we fell

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