We bought one of the first available HHs in 2005 and have driven it over 65K. We started getting an error message when starting the car to "shift to PARK before starting" (the car was in park). After a few tries this would resolve itself, however one mid-morning (after driving an hour) it did not. Per the dealer, the problem is with the conventional battery, which caused electrical errors when it was not putting out enough current to the system, and thus no READY light.

Toyota tells us the battery (specific to the HH) has been ordered and may take several weeks to arrive. We post this so that HH owners are aware that there is a known problem with the conventional battery running down which can cause your vehicle electrical errors which prevent it from starting - we were able to jump start the car to get it to the dealer - and that at least right now the replacement batteries are not readily available.

p.s. we found a tremendous mileage difference when not using the blower/ac/heat in the spring/fall (aver 28 mpg), granted opening the windows requires some finesse to avoid the wharble, but +6mpg is worth it