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    mpg reading

    Our Lexus 400 has it as well. SEEMS to have different numbers.

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    I wouldn't say that that's a

    I wouldn't say that that's a problem with hybrids...

    You bring up a good point in that people would average better mileage as opposed to reporting their one good figure, then act and think that they generally get good mileage.

    The problem with this is that 1. plenty of people don't care enough, 2. people who have no idea how to read their own behavior and act accordingly will quickly be frustrated by sub-par mileage numbers, and never use the gage again, assuming the gage is able to turn on/off, 3. US drivers don't need more distractions than we already have, and 4. a much more effective system of improving mileage is to teach (require) courses on how to drive more efficiently.

    As per #4, I'm no model driver, but I average 150% of the sticker's gas mileage (by pre-2008 standards) in the three cars that I've regularly driven. This is an "at-best" statistic, but I don't most people even know how to do this if they wanted to. I think there's more value in adding this to drivers ed then just the gages alone (though this has many practical downsides, and no two cars drive the same).

    Good topic, and worth talking about though.

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    The only accurate way to

    The only accurate way to know your MPG is to calculate it by hand. The instant MPG read outs are a good tool to get you close, but they are notoriously inaccurate. Even calculating by hand isn't completely accurate unless you fill your tank to the lid.

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    MPG displays have been out

    MPG displays have been out there forever, it's just that most people don't pay attention to them and probably don't even know their car has one. Cadillacs and Mercuries have them (even old ones), for example, as I'm sure many other models do too.

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    I agree. I had an LS 430 and

    I agree. I had an LS 430 and it typically underestimated the MPG. What I calculated at fill up was what I went by

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    ...anybody know what the

    ...anybody know what the typical "accuracies" are for the two engine computer input sensors: (a) "miles" from wheel diameter and revolutions and (b) "gallons" from cumulative injector(s) fuel volume? Obviously, the "mpg" values calculated and dispslayed will depend upon how accurate these two sensor values are.

    ...any SAE or industry "whitepapers" on this subject?

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