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    Lexus Hybrid Information

    Hello Everyone!!!!!

    I'm new to this forum and am taking the time to introduce myself ...... Name is Tom Quinn and I recently moved from the Toyota side to the Lexus side and am here to answer all your question about Hybrids on this side of things ..... LS600hL, RX600h, GS450h ....... any hybrid you need info on .......... I'll work with you!!! I have been ( and will continue to be ) a Prius nut from the word go .... My business now contends with Lexus and there Hybrid and I will devote myself to becoming the best Hybrid information sorce for these vehicles as I am to the Prius Community.....

    Thanks for letting me ramble and if there is anything i can find out for you ....... Just post it here!!!!

    Thanks again,

    Tom Quinn
    Lexus Internet Sales
    (571) 276-7548

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    Hello Tom, am about to buy

    Hello Tom,
    am about to buy Lexus rx350H 2007 or 2008, would you tell me the advantages of buying such a car and disadvantages too?
    appreciated your support

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    Hi Tom! I am going to try to

    Hi Tom! I am going to try to change the tires on my RX 600h all by myself. My question is how difficult would it be for a regular Joe like me to change tires and also perform the bluetooth sync on each tire/wheel with the on-board computer? Do I need to go to a Lexus dealer or would a regular mechanic from Fox Car Rental or a local garage do it easily? Is the process documented anywhere, is there a D.I.Y. guide?

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