So i recently went in to my local Honda to purchase a Hybrid when i was shown the civic Natural Gas. I ended up purchasing it and am very pleased. I also purchase the in home fueling system which is the greatest thing ever. Every night I pull in to my garage and plug it in and the next morning i have a full tank. I commute from rohnert park to San Francisco everyday and i STILL get the carpool stickers where Hybrids don't get that. I also get FREE BRIDGE TOLL during commuting hours so what used to cost me $11 a day for gas and bridge toll now costs me $5 a day and 30 minutes off of my commute time. They also just declared this car the greenest vehicle on the cool. Anyone interested in purchasing a hybrid should really look into the GX. My local dealer Manly in Santa Rosa sells them. just thought i would spread the word. thanks for listening.