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    I've had a 2008 Honda Accord

    I've had a 2008 Honda Accord for 11/2 weeks, and my neck, shoulders, and back are in pain. I have a 1998 accord and was always comfortable. There does not seem to be a comfortable possibility. any solutions would be helpful.

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    I bought a 2008 Honda Accord

    I bought a 2008 Honda Accord 3 weeks ago and am having problems with the headrest bumping me in the head as I drive. My neck and back hurt when I get out of the car. We tried turning the headrests around (while at the dealer). It works, but is still uncomfortable. They told me the 2007 headrests wouldn't fit for a 2008 Accord.

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    I am in agony. I am in a

    I am in agony. I am in a great car pool and the back and neck position of her new Accord puts me in real pain in a 15 minute, five mile surface street trip. I'm about ready to give the car pool up and go back to my old Crown Vic. I am a male, roughly five foot eleven and 240 lbs.

    This morning I was pain free getting into the car and could barely walk getting out.

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    Did you not notice this

    Did you not notice this problem while doing your test drive?
    I like to take my time when I do a test drive.

    Don't just drive it along the block like they want you to.
    I always ask to drive it fast also.

    How is it feeling now?

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    I think you should buy an

    I think you should buy an additional neck support equipment, many of the people are now short. I guess everyone has a way in overcoming it.

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    Hi Kathy, The service rep is

    Hi Kathy,
    The service rep is mistaken in telling you that the 2007 Honda Accord headrests will not fit the 2008. I have them installed on my car now, and they are a great improvement over the stock ones. Installation involved pulling the originals out and pushing the new ones in ( removing the headrests is described in your owners manual ). I think total removal and installation time done by myself was maybe five minutes. As I said in my earlier post, I actually came on this solution in another Honda forum, and others have done the swap as well. The only possible drawback is that if you have the leather interior the price per headrest was higher then the cost for the cloth, which is the interior I have on the EX coupe. They look stock, in fact when I took the car in for service, they didn't even notice I had changed them. The AHRS (active head restraint system ) still operates, and the risk of bending the originals incorrectly or weakening them in the process is eliminated. Most of all, the 2007 headrests will not force your head unnaturally forward. Hope this helps, and good luck to you.

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    Hi - I just bought a 2009

    Hi -

    I just bought a 2009 Accord & have the same problem many of you are describing - neck and back pain, due to the head rest pushing my head forward. I am a 5'4 female. Does anyone know if the 2007 headrest will fit the 2009 Accord?

    Also... It appears like there are quite a few of us having problems with this same issue. I wonder if it would be worth contacting Consumer reports or some other "watch" group, to help nudge Honda to do something about this... your thoughts?

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    I bought my 2009 Honda

    I bought my 2009 Honda Accord EX Sedan about a month ago and I am having the same problem like many of you with the headrest (head restraint). If I knew about the headrest problem, I would of had a second thought buying the car although I love the new Accord. I see comments about the 2007 Accord's headrest that will fit 2008/2009 Accord. I am going to check it out myself and buy it if it fits and comfortable. To those who bought them, how much was it and where did you order them? At the dealers? Any info will be appreciated.

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    I didn't realize that this

    I didn't realize that this was such a common problem. I already have problems with neck pain and have test-driven several cars this summer and had this problem with every one of them.
    We definitely need to start contacting product review websites and see if we can make a change here.

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    Here is the link for the

    Here is the link for the 2007 Honda Accord Coupe headrests ( this is for the EX model, but you can also look up/order for other trims as well ) http://www.hondaautomotiveparts.com/...+SEAT+%28R.%29

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