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    Obus Ultra Forme Backrest

    This specific backrest solved my headrest problem. It is not too wide, so it fits easily on the seat and doesn't push you too far forward. It is high up (Get at least the medium size) so it positions your shoulders slightly forward so that your neck isn't in being pressed forward by the headrest. Plus the rest provides good lumbar support. I tried many back rests to negate the problem with the Honda headrest, and the Obus Ultra Forme really did the trick! You can try it out if you go to Healthy Back Store; however, the below link has a better price. Good luck!


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    I purchased a Honda Civic EX

    I purchased a Honda Civic EX in May 2007. Started noticing pain in neck after a few weeks from headrest tilting my head forward. Found this forum and others documenting problems and attempted fixes. I tried the headrests from my husbands 2007 Honda Odyssey. They fit but only hit my head about 1/4-1/2" farther back and still not good enough. I checked with the dealer and they could not help. Someone suggested a custom auto shop. Haven't found one yet to help. I tried turning the headrests around but there is absolutely no support and could lead to serious injury in an accident. I like the idea of bending the rods and we are considering doing that. I will e-mail Honda Support and see if I get a response. I saw a solution to try a Honda Accord headrest but at the dealer they appeared to be the exact same angle. Maybe I'll try that again. The correct responsible solution would be for Honda to offer a headrest that would fit that is at a normal and safe angle for those of us who have problems. I would pay to buy new headrests if they remedy the situation because I really like the car and the gas mileage. Especially now! Will continue to monitor this forum for more information and will update if I find anything informative. Thanks.

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    This is not a problem only

    This is not a problem only for Civic owners. I've been test driving a bunch of cars and most have this headrest issue - due to the fact that the NHTSA demanded these new headrests in any car built after 9/1/08. So they are all getting a head start. We've tried Fit, Vibe, and Focus in the past week -- and they all push your head forward, especially for women 5'3" or so.

    See http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/whiplash.html

    Thanks for the various creative solutions!

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    I had this problem on a 2008

    I had this problem on a 2008 Honda Accord EX Coupe I had purchased, and had neck and back pain from the headrests. After searching a couple of forums, I found a solution. The headrests from a 2007 will fit, the two cost me @ $100 ordered from an online Honda parts dealer. The active headrest restraint system still functions, but is much less intrusive then the stock system. The 2007 Accord headrests are not at the same angle as the 2008 and don't force your head forward. I don't know if this would work on the Civic, but it's certainly worth a look. Good luck.

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    Unfortunately, I didn't know

    Unfortunately, I didn't know about this headrest problem until after purchasing a new Accord last month, July 2008. My neck and back or in terrible shape. Do you happen to have a picture you can send me of your headrest post once you bent them or give me how many degrees you bent them. I'd like to do the same but would really appreciate more info before I try it.

    Hope to hear from you.



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    Headrest is a bit of a

    Headrest is a bit of a misnomer. I believe it's *not* the intention to "rest" your head against them: their primary function is to guard against whiplash in rearend collisions. Maybe try adjusting your seat back angle, to more upright? And maybe seat height as well?

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    I'm not sure people

    I'm not sure people necessarily want to "rest" their heads, but nor do they want to have to sit with their heads leaning forwards. This is my problem as well. After a couple hours of riding in our Civic my neck and jaw hurt and I start to get a headache. This took a while to start happening but now it happens every time. It seems that a lot of people have this problem. People have suggested reclining a bit, but I actually like to sit up straight. However, with the design of the headrest I am unable to sit up straight and keep my neck straight as well.

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    Wow. I thought I was the

    Wow. I thought I was the only person that was experiencing this issue. When I'm driving for a long period, it feels like I have someone pushing on my head. So far the only thing that counteracts this is if I keep the seat completely straight up. Once I leave work today, I'll try turning the headrest around. If not, I'll just get the piece of foam like a previous poster has done.

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    My wife and I just purchased

    My wife and I just purchased a brand new 2009 Camry SE. We did not notice the forward-pressing angle of the headrests immediately, but I started to get headaches, a stiff neck, and back pain in just a week or so of driving. Yesterday, I got so angry and frustrated while driving, that when stopped at a red light, I grabbed the entire headrest and ripped it out of the seat and threw it violently against that rear seat window. It seems that the only solution is to either turn the darn thing around 180 degrees or have a machine shop bend the steel supports in a vice asap. This design flaw is so egregious and profoundly disturbing that it makes one wonder what is wrong with car manufacturing companies that could foist something like this on the unsuspecting public. Seriously, I would never have purchased this vehicle had I known of this dastardly situation.

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    Just today I bought a 2008

    Just today I bought a 2008 Honda Accord V6. I was so excited with how well it drove and so happy with the car buying experience that it wasn't until 60 miles later, once I had driven the car off the lot and all around town, that it hit me... my neck was in excruciating pain! The forward head posture in the 2008 accords is so very uncomfortable that it makes it difficult to sit without squirming. Furthermore, I am a neuromuscular therapist for Goodness sakes! My whole career and life is built around maintaining good posture and treating clients who are misaligned. I deeply regret purchasing this car today and wish that I could take it back! We will see tomorrow...

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