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    I was considering buying a

    I was considering buying a new Honda Civic. I love everything about the car, except for the headrest! After 30 minutes of test-driving, my neck and back ache! So glad to hear it's not "just me", and that others share this observation and frustration. I really don't understand why they don't make the headrests ADJUSTABLE, since we all have different comfort levels! Makes no sense to me. When paying thousands of dollars for a car, I shouldn't have to spend additional money trying to fix a stupid headrest. Thanks Honda, you just lost my business!

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    Just came from testing a

    Just came from testing a 2012 volkswagan cc. After a 45 min. drive had severe neck and shoulder pain. Am told that the headrests on the 2013 models are adjustable, but they are out of price range. You can turn the headrests on the Optima around, which makes them a little better. I spent 2 years in physical therapy after an auto accident in the 90's. My doctor at the St. Mary's Spine Center in San Francisco advised never purchasing a car where your head was out of alignment and pushed forward. Can you have good gas milage and not end up in physical therapy?

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    Thanks everyone for these

    Thanks everyone for these comments... I thought I was the only one with this problem!

    I'm looking to purchase a new'ish car... 2012 or 2011, does anyone know of a car that doesn't have this absurd problem, or has reasonably adjustable headrests? What would you recommend I buy?

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    I took my Altima to an

    I took my Altima to an automotive upholstery shop. They removed the covering from each of the front headrests so as not to damage the surfaces, and bent the posts to straightened the headrest angle slightly. He did one headrest at a time, and let me try the drivers seat and then bent a little bit more to customize for me. I was going to do this myself, but the upholstery guy did a better job than I could have done (I'd have never gotten the cover off the headrest). It cost me less than fifty bucks and an hour of time. The headrests are now very comfortable for me. My head is postioned normally, and the headrest right behind the back of my head (very safe still). The headrests still do slide up and down in the seatback, although they are a little bit tight in the sockets because the rods are slightly bent. I don't care about that as they are hardly ever adjusted.

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    I've been looking for a new

    I've been looking for a new car. My old one is an 1995 and is starting to cost a lot of money to maintain, but I'm now thinking I'll have to keep maintaining it. I've driven every brand mentioned (except BMW & Subaru...can't afford BMW and the closest Subaru dealer is far away), and they all have horrible headrests. Safety in case of an accident is of no value if you sustain long term injury to your back and neck from every day wear and tear. No wonder the auto manufacturers are going bankrupt; they don't listen to their customers. Idiots, all of them. Someone, please build a car that is worth purchasing!

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    Even now, over a year later than the previous post, I cannot find a product that solves this problem. I like our new Prius V except for the head restraint problem. The restraint pushes my head very far forward from a comfortable position for me, and into a position that in the past has been associated with a pinched nerve between C5 and C6 resulting in several fingers going numb. After hours of searching and inquiring, I've given up and jury-rigged my own solution out of several pieces of half-inch-thick closed-cell foam (Ensolite) held together with duct tape. I tapered the pieces so that it's thin at the bottom (just a couple of inches above the seat) and thick at the top (at the top of the seat back). I needed to make the top six pieces thick to change my back angle enough that the head restraint isn't pushing on my head. Assuming this works for one or two long drives, I'll try to find a place that does foam and ask them to cut something of the same density and same shape. Hopefully they can also cover it in fabric that is close to the interior fabric of the car.

    It seems to me ridiculous that such a health hazard exists. As many hours as people spend in their cars, for the head restraint to be fixed in such a way that many drivers risk spinal damage is appalling.

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    Well, I just recently discovered this issue in the two months after buying a 2014 Prius V 2.
    Chronic neck and back pain that my chiropractor couldn't fix, because I was so locked up with muscle tension.
    I swapped out a head restraint from my wife's Prius 4 passenger side, and that helped.
    I added a Sacro-ease similar to this http://www.relaxtheback.com/mccartys...FYMF7Aod1DoA-A
    Now I can at least tolerate being in the driver's seat long enough to get to a job.

    If you have time, please contact the NHTSA about this. Complain that the new head restraint and seat regulations are causing you pain and that seats should allow adjustment for different body types and postures. I just got off the phone with them and the rep said if enough people complain they might open an investigation. I know, it sounds like bureaucratic runaround but if lots of people let them know, it might work. It's probably the only way it will change.
    NHTSA 1(888)-327-4236
    I have also written my US Congressmen and Representative.

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    I had TMJ for a bit after wearing an I'll fitting helmet when riding to work after a couple months. Went to the dentist, and they said I may be accidentally clenching my jaw when riding. Also not wearing retainers didn't help, but I did find myself clenching my jaw a lot.

    What helped me was trying to find a comfortable spot to align my teeth so my jaw wasn't clenched, and I could hold that position for a while. Hope you get it figured out, it's certainly not fun
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