I got to see the new 07 Sprinter at the local builders show, very nice. Mr. Salesman was very polite and offered to order one, went over options, etc. Well when I said I want the PHEV version he said "huh "? So I showed him the stuff from Calcars.org on it back in 2003!, and he still said "huh, never heard of that ". After some more salesman talk I pushed the issues again, he replied "I'll get back to you on that". Two weeks later. . . no response.

I get a little fustrated when I read of the 60 -80 prototypes that were made and were being tested since 03 yet 4 years later NO WORD. Whether or not it does any good or not I like the recent GM Volt poll, at least they ask. I would love to see DCX ask for more opinions then UPS!

Done venting, please, please, don't talk about it DCX make it! "If you build it they will come"