After owning my NAH for almost 3 months now, and having 3350 miles on the odometer, I decided to change the oil. I found 0W20 Mobil-1 at Wally world for about $5 a quart (couldn't find it in the gallon container). A Fram filter was readily available too. So the entire cost of the change was under $30. I've had easier experiences changing oil, but this was not the worst I've seen. I found removing the passenger front wheel is the only practical way to get to the filter. Even then, you must persuade the plastic inner fender well back a bit. I happen to have a floor jack and air tools in my garage, so the change did not take much more time than any other I've done. The drain plug is 15mm if anyone cares. The engine takes 5 (4 7/8) quarts with a filter change.