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    it funny how someone can say

    it funny how someone can say just buy a new hybrid...
    we are in an era of change and new technology. Im sure that someone told henry ford why would you want to buld your own car when you can get a brand new Daimler!

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    JMB says: 0 sec agoWe are

    JMB says: 0 sec agoWe are VERY satisfied with our 2008 Prius. We will never again buy a vehicle that runs only on an internal-combustion engine. Our next two new vehicle purchases will be the 2011 Prius and the 2011 Chevy Volt (both which will use lithium-ion batteries, and both of which are to be assembled in America

    Gas price WILL go back up -- WAY up.
    Expect $5-6 per gallon within a few years.
    It's foolish to stay in an ICE-only vehicle.

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    lets not toss out an already

    lets not toss out an already good vehicle and spend alot on a new hybrid i hopefully will soon have a system that will convert a gas motor to have the option of: pure gas, hybrid, or pure electric. I just need to get a few electronic controls built and learn how to work with the cars computer.

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    Here's a youtube video of a

    Here's a youtube video of a news story about a company that will do a hybrid conversion on an automatic vehicle for $7K!


    I encourage this over buying a new one. From an environmental standpoint it's far better to modify an existing car over buying a new one because of all the energy and pollution from its manufacturing.

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    a small light weight 4WD is

    a small light weight 4WD is all you need to make a hybrid
    disconnect the drive shaft to the rear axel and put in a electric motor there.
    replace the rear seat with a battery box.
    electric power via an electric clutch to the rear wheels
    a control system that will allow you to drive ether electric or petrol or both
    slowing down use the electric motor to charge the batteries.
    been there done that in 1975
    70 mph on ether drive

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    just give The Venus Project

    just give The Venus Project an honest ear and the energy crisis will b but a distant joke. go watch Zeitgeist Moving Forward on YouTube.

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    Hybrid cars run on more than one energy source, for instance petrol plus electricity, and also fall under the exempted categories in Delhi’s odd-even scheme. In India, the options available in the market under clean/alternative fuel category are rather few and some of these vehicles are priced beyond the reach of a regular customer.

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