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    I would like to ear more of

    I would like to ear more of what you know about steam,over the years,these has been my heart beat but not having any one who want to go in line with these vision.I am ADEDOTUN by name,email addrese:[email protected]

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    At -

    At - [email protected] - I will be happy to discuss my ideas on this subject. Being broke and with near zero machine shop skills [they were my father's specialty] I am unable to actually build such an auto. A 2-cycle engine is easiest to convert, so maybe a large motorcycle engine could be tried. Find a Volt which has blown its motor, but still has all its electricals intact and drop in the steam generator and steam engine and hook it up to the existing generator. Check out the Green steam engine, the Cyclone, the Tesla turbine as well as the Doble compound uniflow. They are also possibilities.

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    At -

    At - [email protected] - I will be glad to discuss all my ideas on this subject. The Doble was far superior to the Stanley, but still subject to the same 3 drawbacks in operation.

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    I also considered the

    I also considered the Cyclone as one possibility. along with the compound uniflow, screw turbine, Tesla turbine and Green steam engine. The problem with Cyclone might be similar to Sony and Beta or Apple and their Mac OS, if they sit on their patent and do not license other companies to manufacture engines like theirs. Will discuss the ideas at [email protected]

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    I'm not an engineer either,

    I'm not an engineer either, my degree is in Art Education. You have to keep adding electricity or to go any distance you get too much weight in batteries. Most EV's are of limited range with long recharge times. Using the batteries to run a steam engine to power the car is less efficient. The idea is to use a multi-fueled, low polluting, system that would perform as well or better than an IC powered car. About 80% of your driving is within a 50 mile round trip from home, so you plug-in and charge the batteries. If you go farther, then the steam engine starts to keep the batteries charged, providing the needed range. Will discuss at - [email protected]

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    A modern steam engine with

    A modern steam engine with condenser, flash tube boiler and insulated to run hot can be more efficient than an IC engine, about 25-30% as compared to the IC's 10-15%. The problem with electric cars is bigger and more expensive batteries to get comparable range to an IC car. By using inexpensive fuels to generate electricity as needed you could have the range and performance of an IC car and a savings of about 80% on fuel because local driving would be done using just the plug-in batteries. Also no fear of running out of electricity with no outlet to plug into, you could go get a can of fuel and go on. Try getting a can of electricity. LOL

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    My thought was to take

    My thought was to take advantage of the fuel and money savings which comes from using a plug-in hybrid for nearly 80% of someones driving. I am not against CO2. Much electric power from the grid comes from hydro and nuclear anyway. Will discuss at - beesidemeusa.netscape.net

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    I'm not an engineer and my

    I'm not an engineer and my comments on steam-electric hybrids were based on the Internet. You made some good points about things which I discovered later. Will gladly discuss - [email protected]

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    Any engine run as a hybrid

    Any engine run as a hybrid is more efficient for several reasons.
    1( the engine will not need to run at a wide range of rpm. Only at the specific highest efficiency RPM
    2( being able to store energy for future use means that your engine does not need to run the entire time you are driving.
    3( Generative Braking is commonly used and recovers some of the energy that would normaly be turned into friction heat by conventional brakes.
    4( The hybrid allows for charging of batteries in many other renewable ways such as wind, solar, water, Nuclear and whatever ways we come up with in the future.

    Is this true? or not. Please let us know.

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    I love this article. I have

    I love this article. I have believed this steam hybrid thing for over three years. When I first thought of it I started designing a steam engine exhaust heat recovery system.
    One revelation I experienced was the idea that "Engine Efficiency" means almost nothing! The important issue that most never concentrate on is "System Efficiency". So I did concentrate on a System and not an engine.
    My system recovers energy from the engine similar to the way a turbojet engine feeds power back into it's intake. Just imagine it is done with water instead of air. (and not as loud)

    I would like to get in contact with as many people as possible to create some kind of colaboration on how to get something real started. [email protected] Please email if interested

    I have built a prototype of my system and in early testing (before I overheated it) I was able to maintain 7 PSI without the recovery system and 10 PSI with the recovery system. Same 1500W input with an electric element boiler.
    The prototype was rough and had some flaws that are easily correctable but I no longer live with my beautiful prototype. I will be reunited with it in early to mid september and will make the updates and run the tests again. I expect to get much better results! lets see.

    The system involves dynamic heat recovery through the use of concentric tube counter flow heat exchangers (tube in tube)
    It also eliminates the need for a high pressure pump for feeding the boiler. It uses gravity and a series of valves. This part of the system was 100% success.
    It also recovers condensate but is not a closed circuit and probably will not have a conventional condenser.

    The steam electric is so inticing that BMW was working on a system that used a steam engine to produce electricity for the car. It was so exciting for me to see that a major auto maker was doing steam but then I realized that suddenly the project Disappeared...... vanished. could not find any info on why they stoped the development but I suspect they feared that the development would follow the path that the turbocharger did. (turbo's on engines then realize that the turbo was more powerfull than the engine so they created turbojet engines) bad path for the oil industry.

    I am confident I can create a decent steam turbine with light weight and high efficiency but would need help on the electric part.

    My development plan is to first make a working generator that will power my house. When I do this I will compair my fuel costs with the previous electric bills average. If I can supply my own electric to my house for the same or less than the elect company then I will move on the the auto application.

    Anyone interested in colaboration please contact me at [email protected]
    P.S. I also believe HHO will only work if you generate the electric through some other method Than the car's engine alternator. Peltier thermoelectric modules would be Great.....I am looking into that and so far it looks real real good!

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