Speaking from one who went from a decked out Jeep Grand Cherokee to a no frills 2007 Vue Hybrid, I'm glad I did. I'm just starting to get used to it, and have no idea during this bitterly cold -whatever temp this week how well my mpg is doing, but love the idea of even having a "mild hybrid system" in my car. But I know that my Jeep would still be getting only 13 mpg city or less this week, so I'm almost certainely have added to my daily mpg commute.

Let's face it, yes there are plenty of better designed full hybrid systems, but now we're talking about adding 5, 10, 20,000 more to the cost over a used Green Vue! I got mine for 20,000 with a 5 yr bumper to bumper warranty.

So for someone you couldn't increase their monthly payment, nor put any money down, I got quite a deal. Saturn gave me a more than generous trade in value which allowed us to pay off the Jeep loan and put money down on the Vue.

For those on a tight budget, and still want to make an effort to go a little more green, I say go for the Hybrid Vue!