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    This is probably the first

    This is probably the first decent american car since the dodge viper.

    I'm European and trust me ussually i wouldn't have any intrest in your cars but this one is great if it has a good gas mileage, fairly high tech system and if it looks anything like the picture i might consider buying one.

    especially cause it is said to have outside speakers, which is awesome.

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    I'm very interested in one.

    I'm very interested in one. However, if Chevy dealers play the "addendum sticker" markup crap, I'm out. They did that (might still be doing it) with the Camaro. The dealers will ruin this if they play those greed games.

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    This car is the game changer

    This car is the game changer and Toyota knows it! Yes, I'm going to get one.

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    I haven't bought a US made

    I haven't bought a US made vehicle in over 25 years. If Chevy produces the volt for under 25K, I'll line up for one!!!

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    I don't want the first year

    I don't want the first year production model - too many bugs to work out - but put me down for a 2012 model. I am very happy to be able to actually WANT an American made car again. This is a car that can change the world.

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    Tax credit is very good.

    Tax credit is very good. $7500 credit is $7500 in your pocket, right off your tax bill. Not a tax DEDUCTION, which is only worth about 25% to 35% of the deduction amount.

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    It is a good bet that gas

    It is a good bet that gas prices will go up, and as soon as I can start avoiding funding the oil companies the better, so I'll buy one as soon as one becomes available (which will be when?).

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    I will buy when they come

    I will buy when they come out.... Gotta have one

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    I am lucky enough to be able

    I am lucky enough to be able to afford 5 cars, so I can have one car for doing short range travel, another for highway cruising, an SUV for hauling lots of people or stuff (and for skiing), and even a 2 seat convertable for fun driving, but most people have to get by on one car for everything. How can anyone even contemplate owning an all electric car (with no backup engine)? What do you do if you get stuck in traffic on a hot day (or very cold day) and the battery runs out from running the air or heat? What do you do if you have an unuusual day and need to go much further than normal, so the battery goes dead? What about an emergency, or you forget to charge it, or the charger fails, or their is a power failure so you can't charge it? Some people may say that these could all be problems that you would have to contend with in a gasoline or diesel vehicle but that would be untrue.

    I am a big fan of electric vehicles for the kind of driving that most peole do most of the time, which is short trips with few people in the car, but you have to have a way of getting back on the road quickly if you run out of power or the car is a huge liability. Even if cahrging stations were available everywhere (which is very far from the case) charging an electric car takes lots of time, while filling a fuel tank takes a few minutes. The Volt seems like the perfect solution to me (I am an engineer by the way). You have enough battery power to run the car for the vast majority of the trips you take, but you have a way of dealing with all the issues I mentioned above.

    By the way I did want to mention one unfair comparison that I have seen recently often qouted in the press. They say that the leaf has 120 miles range (or something like that) but the Volt has 40 miles on battery and about 300 miles on gasoline. In realitiy the Volt has range only limited by your willingness to stop for gas, while the Leaf is limited to it's battery range, unless you are willing to stop for the night and recharge (assuming that you can get power for the charger). The guys on TOPGEAR ran into this same issue with the Tesla. They tried to take a several hundred mile trip through England with the Tesla and noted that it would take at least 3 days due to the time needed to recharge the battery each time it went dead. And of course you also need to keep in mind that few people are going to be willing to run the battery nearly dead as they might run their fuel tank nearly dry, because the dead battery needs a charging station and lots of time to recharge, while the empty fuel tank needs only a gas can and a ride to the nearest gas station.

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    I've ordered my Volt from

    I've ordered my Volt from the dealer. I went with a 36 month lease at $350.00 I didn't want to own it after 5 years of payment since I didn't know what the cost of replacing the battery would be. Look forward to driving it this October.

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