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    I will buy a Volt as soon as

    I will buy a Volt as soon as I can. If GM wants to reemerge as a world leader in auto productivity, they should recognize the incredible leverage this one car would give them. Years ago I was denied a job by GM, after scoring a 126 on their entrance exam, ( average score was around 80's something) because, quote... "You're too smart for the job you applied for". They were right! However, I've watched in a semi detached way as they have continued to demonstrate their inability to produce top people that can envision the FUTURE OF AUTOMOBILES and adapt their company to stay ahead of the curve. I'm amazed that they haven't taken the initiative long before now to position themselves for the greatest amount of market share of the WORLD by producing the VOLT. If they don't receive a bailout, maybe they will tell the world market they've been playing in, to "take a hike", start mass producing this car, then sit back and watch the rest of the worlds automakers try to play "catch up", WHILE THEY START LOOKING FOR THE NEXT CURVE! Todd

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    Yes!!! When and where can I

    Yes!!! When and where can I Pay for my New Volt. Apple Pie and The Volt will give us our USA back.

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    it will come out in late

    it will come out in late 2010. Look at your local dealer I would suppose, though it may be a limited initial rollout restricted to certain states.

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    GM - Make this car. If you

    GM - Make this car. If you do not make it, I will buy a competitor electric car. I own American cars but I do not want to buy any more oil. Oil prices go down, gas prices still stay up. I am mad as hell and do not want to take their excuses anymore. OPEC cuts production. I'll cut something - my consumption - to Zero.

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    they should luanch the

    they should luanch the Chevrolet Volt Holding Efijy , how long i have to wait? looking to buy it asap.

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    I'm holding off a new

    I'm holding off a new vehicle until this one is ready! I want this now!

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    I'm also holding off on

    I'm also holding off on buying a new vehicle. I've been waiting for the volt for 2 years and I will buy one when it comes out! My commute is 37 miles, one way to work and I can charge-up while I'm working and drive home. Sounds good to me and it looks good too! Bonus!

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    Hopefully GM will come to

    Hopefully GM will come to their senses and charge a fair price for the car so they will end up selling thousands of them. I plan to wait for it to hit the market before my next vehicle purchase.

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    Wake up guys, I change cell

    Wake up guys, I change cell phone every 2 years in the last eight years because the lithium ion battery die on me. Apparently in a very near future couple auto makers already try to sell you a plug-in car that you need to lease the Lithium Ion battery from them. Why? Because they know the battery will not last.
    Prius's MH battery has been tested In the real world; last ten years TAXI DRIVERs had been getting over 300,000 klicks with that battery. Other auto makers has nothing close to Prius to sell you! So they try to sell you a concept "a dream car" that nobody could buy in the show room. Introduction of the Volt is just a smoke screen that try to make you think GM is way ahead of Toyota! What do you think?

    With a price tag more than $40,000, Volt will save GM!? You can buy couple small Japenese cars with that money today and you don't need to lease a battery. Oh buy the way, who has the best selling sug compact? Toyota, Honda, Nissan or Mazda?

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    I am driving my son's 8 year

    I am driving my son's 8 year old Mazda, waiting for the Volt. I will buy one as soon as they let me.

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