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    I want to buy a Chevy Volt

    I want to buy a Chevy Volt as soon as they come out. They say 2010 hope that is true. I also hope the $30,000 price point they discussed is true also.

    Can't wait to get one.

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    No way I cannot trust any

    No way

    I cannot trust any American car company to make a fuel efficient car worth a dime. Except for Toyota and Honda the worlds car manufactures should hang their heads in shame.

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    Toyota and Honda crushed

    Toyota and Honda crushed hundreds of their RAV4EVs and EVplus, respectively. They are all bad. Toyota and Ford just aren't quite as dumb as GM in the way they handle their hatred (fear?) of the electric drivetrain.
    The only real hope will come from outside the incumbent auto industry to lead. Hopefully, the incumbents will follow instead of die as usually happens when revolutionary technologies arise (think Western Union, Baldwin Locomotives, Digital Equipment Corp, Smith Corona, etc).

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    It is too bad that Toyota

    It is too bad that Toyota has had Prius vehicle fires last year on their testing facilities while trying to "test" out the newest battery technology-lithium ion. Could this be a reason Toyota can not announce a date when the newest PHEV Prius will be available for sale?

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    I would to buy one TODAY for

    I would to buy one TODAY for $20K! (And I need a car today!) The only other real electric option available is a comparable Prius ($20K) with the Hymotion plugin addon ($10K). Overall, $30K feels about $5K too expensive, and about $10K over my current budget. I'm not an automotive researcher, but I guess that if the Volt comes in under $25,000, it will be wildly popular. Otherwise, they will have to build a brand that appeals to niche buyers who might otherwise buy Infiniti, Lexus, BMW, etc., and I'm not sure those buyers overlap the Prius buyers they'll get if the price is a bit lower.

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    I am ready to order at least

    I am ready to order at least three (3) of them immediately; one for me, two for friends. I will keep my SUV as a trip vehicle and drive it a couple of thousand miles a year. The only solution to the disaster we now face is technology. We need to support our American manufacturers as they are finally on the right track.

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    I am ready to buy!!

    I am ready to buy!!

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    At current gas prices it

    At current gas prices it cost 15 cents per mile to drive a 30 MPG vehicle.
    The Volt will cost 2 cents per mile now.
    And will cost 3 cents per mile with higher future electrical costs.
    OK, lets do the math.
    15000 miles (per year) @ 15 cents = $2250
    15000 miles (per year) @ 03 cents = $450
    Granted, not all travel will be on battery (only). So we can double this figure to $900.
    So we save $1350 per year over an 8 year span = $10,800.

    The beauty is having:
    Very low exhaust fumes, Very few gas lines to wait in, No stress each time an Arab war breaks out,
    Buying American, No sluggish 1.5L engine to deal with, Lower vehicle maintenance cost,
    The possibility of (workplace) employer cost for recharge, Government incentives...

    There are more... just wanted to put this on the table.

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    It is a beautiful concept

    It is a beautiful concept and I am looking forward to the release of the final model in September at the Centenial GM party. If you guys are looking for news about the Volt, than u should visit gm-volt.com The guy who runs the site, Lyle, is really into it and is really hopeful about the VOlt and other electric appliations to automobiles. Maybe it won't be for me, as I will just be coming out of college at the time VOlt comes out, but maybe the Chevy Cruze compact car would fit me. (40mpg 1.4L turbo........very nice) Here is a link for that too.


    and here is the volt site again


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    If all specs hold true and

    If all specs hold true and it comes to market when they are planning without huge dealer markups, I'm In. In fact if GM needs some testers I drive about 40 miles each way to work and my 8 year old GM car has 3 more years at best. Can't wait.

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