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    A company doesn't spend

    A company doesn't spend millions on researching a vehicle like the Volt, garner a TON of public attention, and then just let the idea drift away. Whether it's called the "Volt" or something else, the technology will see the market. The sooner they hit the market, the sooner these types of vehicles can start saturating the market and the price will come down. Don't expect a cheap price upfront though. If the car comes out as is, it will be $40 to $50 grand. If GM is smart, they'll make a smaller profit to encourage more purchases and get their bulk profit in that way...but it's all about trusting the market.

    Call me an optimist, but the rising price of gasoline/oil and the lower amount of development here in the states will yield the opportunities for this type of technology to gain more of a foothold in the market.

    As much as I think it would be a good idea to use up the oil we have here in the states and develop the fuel cell, electric technologies...the public has a SHORT memory (i.e. we started researching fuel cells for cars back in the late 70's but stopped after oil prices plummeted).

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    this is what we really need

    this is what we really need right now if GM screws us again it is really going to hurt their brand name

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    yes sign me up for one Volt,

    yes sign me up for one Volt, , it sounds great, I need one......
    the sooner the better

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    Here is the unofficial

    Here is the unofficial waiting list, with over 13,000 people on it:

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    I would love to buy one!

    I would love to buy one!

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    When cut, my ancestors and I

    When cut, my ancestors and I have always bled "blue bow-ties". I do not know anyone in my family, both past and present, that have owned a foreign car. Our allegience to American Capitalism is borderline fanatical.
    I personally have been continuously involved in my profession with electric transportation functions. In 1975 I cut my first teeth on the General Electric EV1 SCR controller printed circuit board for battery electric transportation systems.
    The GM-Volt is a viable reality.
    No matter what the cost, I will buy one. I will park it beside my Corvette, Buick Roadmaster, Cadillac, and Oldsmobile. I will drive it to work every day and, as normal, continue to ignore Hondas and Toyotas traveling along the way.

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    The Volt can be a total

    The Volt can be a total game-changer if GM wants to change the game. I just hope that GM actually goes through with the Volt. They had a change of heart with the EV1 and killed it just as it started gaining momentum because they were afraid of change. Now, maybe they're willing to admit that they are losing the game and need a new strategy - innovation.
    I, too, am a loyal American, however, when GM killed my EV1, they essentially committed treason. They may be an American company but they are led by stupid, worthless, lying scum with Lutz at the front of the pack.
    I hope that they come to their senses this time. I may reward them if they do although I'm pretty sure that the I won't have to. I'm certain it will eclipse the Prius in popularity if given even half a chance.

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    I just did the math. At 17

    I just did the math. At 17 miles/gallon and 40,000 miles per year I will burn through over 90K in five years with my current SUV (loan payment and gas usage). Ya I know; what am I doing driving an SUV and looking at the Volt? Answer - two faces have I.

    Anyway the point is 90K is a lot of money. Even at 26 miles/gallon the cost is around 75K over five years.

    The point - Chevy could sell the Volt for a lot and still save people money. They shouldn't wait until the battery technology allows them to sell the Volt at a lower price. The Volt should be on the market today.

    I would buy one and keep my SUV for the weekends.

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    I would buy it today. If I

    I would buy it today. If I could sign up to order it now I would.

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    I want to buy the Chevy

    I want to buy the Chevy Volt, just e-mail me wen can I pick it up, I really love the car, I need it now, gimme the deal now, I can't wait to have one on my garage, thanks, Rudy.

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