Not all people drive more than 120 miles a day on a regular basis. In fact, most don't. And some of us know how to rent a car for the odd job when our daily commuter vehicle doesn't cut it.

And there are EVs that get close to 240 mi (like the Tesla Roadster) on a full charge. That is not much less than some gasoline vehicles. For the rare occasion that you need to drive for more than 240 mi non-stop, rent a vehicle. Buy a car based on your daily needs, not your 10 days out of the year needs.

And the more plug-in hybrids/electrics that are put on the road, the more we'll see charging stations being installed in public places. This means that you can charge your car while you work, while you eat, while you visit the library, as well as while you're home or at a friend's house. Theoretically, it could be easier and more convenient to charge your EV than to fill up your ICE vehicle because you don't have to find/wait at a pump. There is electricity everywhere, but gas stations are the only places where there is gasoline.