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    vehicle storage

    I,ve only seen it mentioned once, with no replies. But, has anyone had any experience with storage over 2 weeks ? and if so will the battery really discharge to the point of towing to the dealer or is this a general time frame.

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    If you don't use a storage

    If you don't use a storage bag be aware that unheated storage in non-desert like conditions can be storage in a humid environment. With temperature and humidly changes moisture can form on the vehicle in seen and hidden areas. A heated building with high humidly conditions can cause corrosion. Classic Car Storage

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    The enclosed indoor car storage units from Public Storage ensure your investment is safe from outdoor elements.


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    2 weeks is quite a short time. i think the battery wont be discharged in that duration. if you do not use your car for more than two months, that would probably be a reason. If you want to make sure it wont discharge, remove the battery and attach the maintainer to it outside the car.

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