Hi Everyone, I came across this site and I really like it a lot. I am hoping that I get a few question answer from here. Also I notices people hitting others for wanted to convert their old love cars into Electric, please do come and say to just buy a new Electric car. There is reason why some of us really love our older cars. Thanks in Advance!

1. Is it difficult to convert a 1984 Mazda Rx7 Sport from a Rotary Gas Engine to a Electrical Sport Engine?

2. What are the basic Necessities that is needed in order to do a full EV Conversion?

3. Are there sites were they sell this Motors and Conversion Kits?

4. Are there Tutorial or Instruction sites were they provide guide to doing a conversion?

5. What gauges dose EV Cars have on their dashboard beside Speedo and RPM gauge.

6. What companies out there are currently doing conversion for customers?

7. Which Company sell High Performance EV Kits and Engines?

8. Dose your suspension need to be upgraded?

9. Are there Energy Conversion box that you can use on your car garage to charge your car?

10. Are their benefits on some states were you can get a tax cut or cost cut for converting your gas car into EV for Emission?

Thanks In Advance for taking your time to answer this for me. I am corrently designing the way I want my setup to be as far as the location of the batteries and other stuff.