// Gas Engine to Electric Conversion.
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    Gas Engine to Electric Conversion.

    Hi Everyone, I came across this site and I really like it a lot. I am hoping that I get a few question answer from here. Also I notices people hitting others for wanted to convert their old love cars into Electric, please do come and say to just buy a new Electric car. There is reason why some of us really love our older cars. Thanks in Advance!

    1. Is it difficult to convert a 1984 Mazda Rx7 Sport from a Rotary Gas Engine to a Electrical Sport Engine?

    2. What are the basic Necessities that is needed in order to do a full EV Conversion?

    3. Are there sites were they sell this Motors and Conversion Kits?

    4. Are there Tutorial or Instruction sites were they provide guide to doing a conversion?

    5. What gauges dose EV Cars have on their dashboard beside Speedo and RPM gauge.

    6. What companies out there are currently doing conversion for customers?

    7. Which Company sell High Performance EV Kits and Engines?

    8. Dose your suspension need to be upgraded?

    9. Are there Energy Conversion box that you can use on your car garage to charge your car?

    10. Are their benefits on some states were you can get a tax cut or cost cut for converting your gas car into EV for Emission?

    Thanks In Advance for taking your time to answer this for me. I am corrently designing the way I want my setup to be as far as the location of the batteries and other stuff.


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    Why don't you correct your

    Why don't you correct your extremely bad grammar and use correct English?

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    How nice that someone can

    How nice that someone can post very good questions on methods to help save our economy and our enviroment and the first comment turns out to be an off subject slam.
    To the commenter: Where are your manners at?
    (Im am sorry, I used a preposition at the end of the sentence. Please let me rephrase...)
    Where are your manners at, asshole?

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    There are still not a lot of

    There are still not a lot of options for you in the electrical conversion arena, without a great deal of investment (time and money). If you want it bad enough, you can do it.

    Just a suggestion- why not convert to a water hybrid instead? It can be done for a couple hundred dollars and you'd see a 20%,30%, maybe even 50% improvement in mileage in less than a week or so.

    It is all the rage and people are doing it around the world (we know, because we sell our hybrid water conversion books in over 200 countries.

    It's cheap, efficient, and works great on older cars to dramatically clean up emissions which is great for the environment.

    It also works with all types of engines including diesel and rotary.

    So- hats off to you for wanting to do something good! This may be an inexpensive solution for you...

    Increase Gas Mileage-Use Water 4 Fuel

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    The gas to electric

    The gas to electric conversion is very much economical and affordable when compared to the money spent on the gasoline for one year.

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    Have you ever heard of HHO

    Have you ever heard of HHO fuel that has got to be the best way to save on gas prices.?Imagine the savings. It will cost you about $160, or two tanks of gas to install an HHO conversion kit

    Hydrogen Car Kit - Save Money and Improve MPG Massively
    Hydrogen car kit empowers your car to run on water and avoid oil as fuel. A vehicle however will not be able to run on water alone. There needs to be a mixture of gasoline and water to enable it to run smoothly.

    Even the Water Fuel Conversion Kits - How Using Water As Fuel Helps Cut Your Gas Consumption Recently,there is increased awareness among many drivers of a technology that uses plain
    water tosupplement the cars' gasoline consumption. Called a water fuel conversion kit, it is a simpleadd-on to your current car engine that uses your car battery to carry out an electrolysis on water to produce Hydroxy gas (HHO). This Hydroxy gas is used to supplement the burning ofgasoline in the car's engine.

    Hydrogen generator kit for car can be better than gasoline or oil additives to raise gas mileage. When you make or do it on your own, you can save money on gas but will save lots of dollars on the kit and reproduce the system for other automobiles on your own.

    saving money should be what everyonr thinks off and I have done this by using all ideas from

    my sites - http://carwaterguide.blogspot.com

    I purchased the available eBooks that teach me how to run your car on water and installed one on my "chevy 350 small block," it's pretty easy.

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    is this the idea that you

    is this the idea that you connect your battery to a bucket of water and collect the hydrogen to burn in the engine. are you actully stupid enough to belive the perpetual motion story or are you selling this product to saps that are scared of the fuel prices going up. either way you havn't answered any of the questions little angel asked.

    1. rx7 is cool you may find it hard to find places for batteries
    2. motor, batteries, controler, (adaption plate), somthing to controll power stearing and brakes.
    3. yes
    4. yes
    5. voltage, current, battery life, graphing programs, i-tunes
    6. engineering workshops can do most custom jobs
    7. so very many. find the kwatt your after and keep searching till you get somthing at a good price (check out wheel motors).
    8. depends on the conversion and car. mazda rx7 should be fine.
    9. if by 'energy conversion box' you mean 'transformer' or 'battery charger', then yes.
    10. i'm sure there is somewhere everyone wants to be green.

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    i am sorry to disappoint you

    i am sorry to disappoint you but we are not in english class and as long as the message is understood the grammar doesn't matter... thanks and keeps your rudeness with you....

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    Hello, I have a special


    I have a special request to all of those folks that are involved with Gas conversions to Hybrids. Were looking for a few good Engineers/Mechanics to help design and Convert in the Southern California.


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    Hi Oscar, Given the level of

    Hi Oscar,
    Given the level of research that i have done on this little-known technology, It is safe to say that you do not need any Engineers/Mechanics to help design and Convert. There are hho-fue-cell kits that are ready to be installed on any car using the DIY (Do It Yourself) manual that accompanies the kit. If you get the right water conversion kit, it is just easy to instal by anyone. You may want to check out my blog for evidence of such


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